When Is The Right Time To Get Dentures?

When is the right time to get dentures
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If given the chance, nobody would probably choose to have dentures instead of their permanent teeth. But no matter how serious we are with our oral health; we may need dentures at some point in our lives. The hard part is how to determine if we are already in need of dentures. Aside from the dentist’s recommendation, below are the signs that it’s time for you to get dentures.

  • Constant swelling, redness, and bleeding of your gums

Did you know that 50% of Americans aged 30 years old and older live with gum disease? Gum disease is more prevalent in men, but this doesn’t mean that the condition doesn’t affect women. Gum bleeding is normal especially after using a new toothbrush. But if the bleeding in your gums, with swelling and redness, has become persistent, then this could be early signs of gingivitis and other gum diseases.

  • Severe toothache

You won’t feel a toothache for no reason. Your teeth may still look ok in the outside, but a toothache could be a sign that it is slowly decaying. If you don’t want your permanent teeth to be gone forever, you should go to your dentist that first warning sign appears. If the decay can still be treated, you can still have it filled. However, if the teeth can no longer be saves and the missing teeth are causing you discomforts, then you could opt for dentures.

  • Already missing several teeth

Remember, once your permanent teeth are gone, it will be gone forever. There will be no more teeth to grow in replace for it. Aside from the aesthetic appeal dentures give you, it also helps to balance the pressure on your teeth from chewing and eating hard foods. If there are lesser permanent teeth remaining, then the pressure in chewing foods will be greater; which may cause damage to the healthier teeth.

  • Difficulty chewing or eating foods

Do you fee a sudden sharp pain when eating something that is cold or hot? Then you are experiencing tooth sensitivity. This condition could be caused by cracks in the surface of tooth enamel. If caught early, your tooth can still be saved with a crown or a root canal. However, if the damage is already big enough, then you might just need dentures.

  • Damaged Smile

Let’s face it, missing or cracked teeth can make anyone insecure. It makes us self-conscious and lowers our self-esteem. If we want to look nicer and more presentable, why not consider replacing our missing teeth with dentures? According to a survey, people with dentures gains more confidence and smiles often compared to the times when they are still not wearing it. 

The bottom line is, nobody wants to lose teeth. The good thing is you can prevent it from happening by taking better care of your oral health. However, should you experience the warning signs mentioned above, you can still remedy it with dentures. Our skilled dentists at Quality Dentures can evaluate you professionally for your new dentures.