About Quality Dentures

Welcome to Quality Dentures of Fredericksburg. Our mission is twofold:  First, we strive to provide our patients with the very best denture and partial care, providing high quality products manufactured in the USA (most right here in our office) all in an efficient and caring way utilizing our years of professional experience while maintaining quality customer service.  Second, we try to make these high-quality services available to our patients at affordable prices to allow access to the care that many people are otherwise prevented from receiving due to the financial burden. 

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In order to keep our expenses down and pass those savings on to you without sacrificing any quality, we do not participate with or file any insurance, and we do collect our payment at the time of service.  For your convenience we do accept all major credit cards and offer 12 month differed interest financing through Care Credit, as well as cash and personal checks. We do not accept personal checks on same day services. If you have dental insurance, we will provide you with an insurance claim form and receipts that you may file with your insurance to be reimbursed directly by your insurance company. Consultations are free, all cost will be explained to you up front, and no charges will be made until you have agreed to a treatment plan. Payment will be collected at time of service. With any new denture or partial you will receive complimentary adjustment appointments according to the type of denture you purchased.

Our History

Quality Dentures of Fredericksburg was founded and operated by Dr. Joshua Swanson, DMD in 2009 in Woodbridge, VA. We moved and became Fredericksburg dentists in 2011 but our experience in dentures and link to the community go back much further. Dr. Swanson is a local of the area, having grown up in Stafford, VA. He graduated from Brooke Point High School where he was voted “most likely to become a dentist” by his High School year book. He went on to earn a BS in Biology at Virginia Tech (GO HOKIES!!), and then on to earn his DMD degree from The University of Louisville, School of Dentistry. Since the age of 13 Dr. Swanson has been working in the dental industry. First as a lab technician in his step father’s dental lab, and then as a dental assistant while going through college.

Dr. Swanson has developed a special love for denture patients over the years dating back to the beginning of his involvement with the MOM projects starting in 2002. MOM projects (Mission of Mercy) are volunteer dental outreach programs run by the VDA designed to help the under-served and disadvantaged throughout the state of Virginia to obtain good oral health. Dr. Swanson first worked as a lab technician/assistant with the denture team, helping to make dentures for those who could not afford them. Seeing the incredible impact that good quality dentures can have, not only on a person’s smile, but their entire self-image, personality, and quality of life, has made a lasting impression on Dr. Swanson. Since gaining his dental license he has continued to work with the VDA in an effort to improve the oral health of the community and the state that he calls home.

Greg Gray is the Laboratory Coordinator for Virginia Quality Dentures. He is a Certified Dental Technician and Dental Lab owner with over 40 years’ experience. He is also Dr. Swanson’s stepfather, and an invaluable asset to Virginia Quality Dentures. He got Dr. Swanson started in the dental field and introduced him to the MOM projects and service of the people of the state of Virginia. He has donated countless hours, and thousands of dollars of material to help the less fortunate in our state obtain access to dentures and dental services, all the while maintaining a high quality full-service dental lab right here in the Fredericksburg area. His expertise is brought to bear on every case, as he insures the quality of our products through every step of their fabrication and is there to make any needed alterations, adjustments or repairs that may arise. Bringing his technical know-how and experience to Virginia Quality Dentures helps to set us apart as the place to go for all your denture and partial needs.

With this background in mind it makes perfect since that Dr. Joshua Swanson working in conjunction with his stepfather Greg Gray, CDT whose lab is built right into the office have started Quality Dentures of Fredericksburg.  This unique setting and combination of skills and experience allows them to produce high quality, affordable dentures and partials in Virginia, and they bring a level of caring and expertise that is unmatched. All our products are made in the USA and our quality control is kept in-house, so we control the cost and the quality. We also have the experience and confidence in dealing with the most complex cases, ranging from implants, to precision attachment partials, even working with clefts and other anatomical obstacles. You owe it to yourself to come in for a free consultation.

We are extremely excited to be able to offer denture and partial services quickly and affordably. The manufacturing of every denture and partial is overseen right here by Greg Gray, CDT, a certified Dental Technician with over 40 years’ experience. Learn how our experience can help to restore your smile, take years off your appearance, help regain your confidence, and save some money. Just call to schedule a FREE consult!!

Please browse our webpage for detailed descriptions of all our services, and be sure to look for special offers only available through our website.