Partial Dentures


If you have not lost all your teeth, partial dentures may be the best solution for replacing the ones you have lost. Unlike a full set of dentures, partials are held in place and supported by your remaining natural teeth.  This allows them to be less bulky, more secure, comfortable, and functional in many cases than full dentures. 

There are several options available in material choices for partial dentures.  Acrylic Partials (flippers) are made from the same acrylic base and plastic teeth that our economy dentures are made from, and sometimes have metal wire clasps to help secure them in place.  They are an economic way to replace a few missing teeth and are generally used as a temporary solution.

Precision Attachment Partial Dentures

Premium Partials can be made with either metal (chrome-cobalt) or flexible none metal frames. These frames give them much greater durability and less bulkiness than the Economy (acrylic) partials with a much more precise and snug fit.  Metal frames offer the most durability, and the thinnest material possible, while flex frames are visually almost invisible in many cases and quite comfortable once adjusted.  Hybrid partials (metal frame with flex clasps) offer the strength of metal, and the look of flexible all in one.  Precision attachment partials have no clasps, the instead snap onto special attachments that are built into crowns placed on remaining natural teeth.  These high quality, comfortable, and durable partial dentures offer exceptional aesthetics, as well as function (truly the best possible option in partial dentures).

We offer several types of partial dentures, for more information on your options, cast metalflexible and acrylic call us today. Your dentist will also recommend which is the best choice specifically for you. So, let’s restore your beautiful smile with partials.

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