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Quality Dentures of Fredericksburg offers a full complement of services specifically tailored to denture and partial wearers.

At Quality Dentures of Fredericksburg, let our caring and knowledgeable doctor, lab technician, and staff members asses your needs at absolutely no cost and recommend a treatment plan that best meets your needs. There is never any pressure, and everything will be explained to you up front. We only proceed with treatment when you are comfortable, and all of your questions have been answered.

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100% Free with no pressure.  Consults include a meeting with the doctor who will visually examine you and will discuss your potential options for treatment.  Sometimes a more in-depth examination including x-rays is required before any treatment can be rendered, if so this will be discussed, and any cost presented to you before anything is done.

Economy Dentures (3 months of adjustments and 6 month guarantee). These are a great value, and best suited for those who are most concerned with price. These are fabricated with high quality materials and teeth but offer less aesthetic options to choose from in tooth selection, have less detail in the anatomical finish, and have a shorter guarantee. They are still esthetic and durable. Price – $650-$750 for a single denture or $1200-$1400 for a full set (upper and lower).

Premium Denture (1 year of adjustments and guarantee, free soft liner if needed in 1st year). If you want your pick of the highest end acrylic denture teeth on the market and extra attention given to all the details; these are a truly beautiful set of dentures.  Price – $950-$1050 for a single denture or $1800-$2000 for a full set (upper and lower).

Implant Dentures

Ultra Denture (1 year of adjustments and 2 year guarantee).  The same attention to detail that goes into our Premium Dentures with the addition of Porcelain Teeth for a top-notch denture that is second to none in beauty and durability.  Price – $1250 – $1350 per denture or $2400 – $2600 for a full set (upper and lower).

Strength enhancing metal or fiber frameworks can be added to any of our dentures.  These are for patients with a history of fracturing dentures due to excessive bite force or other anatomical causes.  Price – $300.

Implant Dentures (1 year of adjustments and 2 year guarantee, free soft liner or new attachment inserts if needed in 1st year). These are reinforced with an internal metal framework to ensure that they can hold up to the added forces that can be applied with implant retained dentures. These work with standard or mini implants and come with only premium teeth. If you have made the investment to have implants placed for denture retention, you owe it to yourself to have a denture that allows you to take full advantage of your investment. Price – $2000 – $2200 per denture (includes frame and 2 attachments with premium acrylic teeth)  $2200 – $2400 per denture (with the addition of Ultra porcelain teeth).  Additional attachments $100 – $150 per attachment.

implant dentures with framework

Economy Partials (acrylic partials commonly referred to as flippers) (3 adjustments and 3 month guarantee). An economic way to replace a few missing teeth. Should generally be viewed as a short-term solution.  Price – $500 – $700 per partial denture.

Premium Partial (Metal or Flex frame) (1 year of adjustments & guarantee, free soft liner if needed in 1st year).   Durable, comfortable and aesthetic replacement for those missing some, but not all of their teeth.  Price – $950 – $1050 per partial denture.

Hybrid partials (metal frame with flex clasps) the strength of metal, and the look of flexible all in one.  A very nice option for partial dentures.  Price – $1050 – $1150 per partial.

Precision Attachment Partial Dentures

Precision attachment partials high quality, comfortable, and durable partial dentures that offer exceptional aesthetics, as well as function (truly the best possible option in partial dentures).  These partials have no clasps at all and offer an extraordinary fit.  (require precision attachment crowns to either be existing already or be placed at an additional cost)  Price – $1150 – $1250 per partial.

Completed in office, in about 45 minutes to an hour out of either hard reline, or permanent soft reline material to restore the fit of your existing dentures.  Not all denture can or should be relined, depending on the age of the denture and the condition of the acrylic.  Price – Soft Relines – $200 – $250  Hard Relines – $300 – $350.

Lab Relines – a complete reprocessing of the interior surface of a denture made from an impression taken inside the denture and lab processed acrylic (the same as the original denture) (Not a Same Day Service).  Price – $450 – $500 per denture.

Denture Reline

Depending on extent of repair, usually completed in about 1 hour while you wait thanks to our onsite lab.  Price – $140 – $200 for most repairs. 

Denture Repair

*Note other fees may be assessed for special circumstances but will still be fully disclosed before any charges are incurred.
If you are looking for services not listed above Dr. Swanson and his team are happy to see you and your family for all their comprehensive dental needs at Southpoint Quality Dental.