What Are The Benefits Of Same-Day Dental Implants?

Benefits of same-day dental implants
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Prior to the introduction of same-day dental implants, patients would have to undergo several surgeries and wait for up to eight weeks to have their implant placement completed. For anyone who has lost a tooth or teeth before, it is common knowledge that waiting months for a replacement tooth is just not ideal. The loss of a tooth is already stressful enough, and same-day dental implants stop that stress from being further compounded upon when learning about the time frame of a traditional dental implant. Most people who are eligible to get a traditional dental implant are also usually eligible for having a same-day implant placed.

How Do Same-Day Implants Work

Essentially, the dental implant is placed in the jawbone under local anesthesia as it normally would be for a traditional implant. Usually, after the implant is placed the individual would need to wait up to between four and eight weeks to have the abutment or attachment placed. When the abutment is placed, the molds are taken to create the permanent crown which usually takes another two to three weeks. Finally, when the crown comes back to the dentist from the lab, the patient can have it installed. With same-day implants, instead of waiting the eight week healing period for the bone to fuse to the implant in order to replace the tooth, temporary but fully functional teeth are put in place of the gap on the same day of the implant. Once the implant is healed, the temporary teeth are removed and the permanent teeth are installed.

The Benefits of Same-Day Implants

The best benefit of this procedure is that the patient is able to walk into the office with a broken or incomplete smile, and then they are able to walk out with an instant beautiful smile. The patient will not be burdened with fiddling around with a prosthetic and uncomfortable partial or full denture while the implant is healing and fusing into the jawbone. When a patient receives same-day implants by knowledgeable and experienced professionals such as the team at Quality Dentures Of Fredericksburg, the temporary teeth will not come out, will function as normal, and will not invade the spaces around the patients surrounding teeth.

Another primary benefit to having this type of procedure is that the patient does not have to learn how to live without a tooth for up to eight weeks. For those who have never personally had a missing tooth, the loss of chewing and tooth functionality may not be one of the first things that come to mind. When a tooth or teeth are missing, it is a considerable adjustment that the patient has to make in order to chew and eat normally again. Not only that, but the concern of functionality does not just apply to the ability to properly chew and eat, but it also refers to being able to sound normal when speaking and being able to speak comfortably. Partial and full dentures can cause problems with speech because they tend to shift around. Without a denture and just a gap, certain sounds will be altered due to the change in airflow when speaking. The techniques that are used to place the temporary crowns will ensure that the implant is kept in place properly while the patient is chewing, eating, and speaking.