Replace Missing Teeth with Dentures

Replace Missing Teeth with Dentures
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When you have numerous missing teeth, it is essential to have false teeth made by a dentist. Dentures are dental appliances that are made from plastic resins, and these devices are made to hold attractive dental crowns. The plastic supports of dentures are made to fit securely over your bottom or top gum ridges. The upper denture typically has the support that fits across the palate of your mouth, but the bottom denture only fits over the gum ridge. However, if you have partial dentures, then a dentist may use a different type of support system, including the remaining natural teeth in your mouth.

Partial and Complete Dentures

There are two main types of dentures available, and you may need a complete set for the lower and upper part of your mouth. Alternatively, you can have partial dentures made when you still have some natural teeth in your mouth. Partial dentures may have additional metal supports that are hidden behind your natural teeth. It is important for your dentures to fit properly to avoid any slippage while chewing or clicking while talking, but at Quality Dentures of Fredericksburg, we understand that many of our patients must follow a strict budget.

Different Styles of Dentures

We offer dentures at different price points to make it easier for our patients to have an attractive smile at an affordable price. Our dentists can collect molds of your mouth to order economy dentures that have plastic teeth. It is also possible to select higher priced dentures that have sturdier supports or porcelain teeth. The higher priced dentures will usually last longer, but we also offer repairs for all type of dentures. With the proper care, partial and complete dentures will last for many years, but we can fix loose crowns or replace crowns. In addition, we can fix the plastic supports that become degraded.

Implant Dentures

When you want to have a modern type of denture that is more stable inside your mouth, you can choose implant dentures. These dental appliances are attached to metal posts that are inserted deep into your mouth’s gum tissue and alveolar bones. With the metal supports, the dentures are more likely to remain in place without any slippage. The difference between traditional dental implants and implant dentures is that the dental crowns are attached to plastic support that will cover your gums. However, with dental implants, the dental crown is attached to the metal post with a metal screw. You can remove implant dentures from your mouth to clean the dental crowns and plastic supports, but with regular dental implants, the dental crowns will remain in your mouth until a dentist removes the items.

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