Maintaining My Quality Dentures

Maintaining My Quality Dentures
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Patients who have dentures need to take special care of them to keep them looking their best. Patients who care for dentures properly will also help keep their mouths healthy. There are certain products that shouldn’t be used on dentures, and other products denture wearers need to be careful when using. There are also certain steps patients should take to ensure their mouth stays healthy.

Patients should take dentures out of their mouth and rinse them after meals or snacks.

Food particles can get stuck, so it’s important to remove and rinse dentures periodically. Rinsing them helps remove leftover food and loose particles. They may want to putting a towel in the sink or on the counter, or put some water in the sink so to avoid breaking dentures if they’re dropped.

Handle them carefully.

It’s important to make sure the plastic or the clasps aren’t damaged when cleaning them.

After you remove your them, clean your mouth.

Patients should use a brush with soft bristles any natural teeth they have, and clean their tongue, cheeks and the roof of the mouth with gauze or a small toothbrush. Those who use denture adhesive should take it off their gums.

Brush dentures at least once a day.

Soak them a non abrasive denture cleaner and brush them with a soft bristle brush to remove anything that might be on them, such as food and plaque. Patients can also use hand soap or mild dish detergent to clean dentures. People who use denture adhesive should clean the grooves that fit against your gums to remove any leftover adhesive. Denture cleansers shouldn’t be used inside the mouth.

Soak dentures overnight.

It’s important for most types of dentures to stay moist to keep their shape. Soak dentures in water or a mild denture soaking solution unless they have metal attachments. In that case, patients should avoid using denture solution because it could tarnish the metal. After you soak them, rinse them before you put them back in your mouth. Consult us to find out how to care for those particular types of dentures.

Have your dentures examined regularly.

Your dentist will let you know how often your dentures need to be examined and professionally cleaned. He’ll also check the inside of your mouth to make sure it’s healthy.

Patients should see their dentist if their dentures feel too loose.

Loose dentures can cause irritation, sores and infection. Patients shouldn’t try to to adjust dentures themselves, the dentist will take care of this.

Don’t place dentures in hot water.

Placing dentures in hot water can make them warp.

We hope these tips help give you an idea of how to take care of your dentures. If you care for your dentures properly, they’ll last a long time and you won’t have to replace them. If you have any questions about dentures and their care or the services that Quality Dentures offers, please contact us.