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Dental Implants offer a way to reduce or eliminate many of the major problems that some people experience with dentures.  If you have made the investment in dental implants you should be sure to have the proper Implant Dentures that take full advantage of that investment.

We recommend that all Implant Dentures be reinforced with a costume made internal metal framework to ensure that they can hold up to the added forces that can be applied with implant retained dentures. These work with standard or mini implants and come with only Premium or Ultra teeth.  If you have conventional dentures but are considering implants as an option, talk with Dr. Swanson to determine exactly what your options are.

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Implant Dentures

People nowadays have many options in choosing which type of dentures are best for them or which set is most affordable, most comfortable, best quality and the most easiest to keep up with. There are many different types of dentures that not many people know about. We all know of the basic set of dentures that come out when we sleep.

Complete dentures are a set of dentures that are made from acrylic. They are made to replace your whole set of natural teeth. They are supposed to look the most natural imitating the natural structure of your gums. Like other type of denture sets, you can chose the quality of what type of complete dentures you want. Quality Dentures of Fredericksburg is a denture office which offers different type of dentures. The offer the premium version of the complete denture set.

Implant dentures are another form of dentures in which are non-removable from the mouth. Sets like these are very expensive, but durable and of course, worth it. Dentists actually recommend these sets for people with no teeth because they last a lifetime. They are made of plastic lined with metal, which is what makes the extremely durable.

Partial dentures are denture sets made specifically for people who are missing only a fraction of their teeth. It looks exactly how you would imagine it, only a few false teeth sitting on a metal frame that would go behind your authentic teeth and filling in any missing teeth you have. These sets of dentures are less bulky and more comfortable and natural looking. These sets offer many different type of quality dentures because of the fact that they are a temporary solution, not needing the top notch quality sets. For example, there are some sets made of metal and non metal frames. Most people recommend acrylic sets because they offer a more snug and comfortable fit. Hybrid sets offer a metal frame that is also flexible for a more comforting fit.

Reline set dentures are sets that are formed to fit your exact gum lining. Some of them can be temporary, some last 5 years and some last forever. Different types of sets are offered for this specific type. Some people are allergic to acrylic permanent sets so there are some made without acrylics, some are made softer for better comfort, and some are lab made. This procedure takes about an hour to complete.

Most dentists recommend to set up a consultation to help you choose a pair that is right for you mouth, budget and health. Dentures will never ever be the same as your 100% natural teeth but they will most definitely make a difference and they do take some time getting used to them. Some people will love a certain type of denture sets whereas others might not like a certain set. This is why there are so many pairs because what may work for you may not work for another. All sets, brands and type of dentures are all different. Schedule an appointment at Quality Dentures of Fredericksburg to learn if implant dentures are a good fit for you!