Getting Used To Your New Dentures

Getting Used to your new dentures
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Having dentures is an affordable solution for people who are suffering from missing one or more teeth due to decay or old age. Losing your teeth is never pleasant but you don’t have to walk around toothless. Dentures are pieces you can use comfortably so it will look as if you have a complete set of teeth and they look natural. However, some patients may find that wearing dentures can be a challenge especially if it is their first time. 

No matter how natural looking or how it perfectly fits, dentures are still a foreign object and it cannot duplicate the exact feel and normal function of natural teeth. Wearing dentures can be a new sensation and it will take some time before a patient can adjust. This is normal – just remember that it will go away once you get used to it and you will feel a lot more comfortable. 

Tips on How To Get Used With New Dentures

You may even feel uncomfortable speaking or eating while wearing your dentures and it is fine. Just keep in mind that it will not last forever. The tips below will help you get used to your new dentures faster.

  • Make sure your dentures fit comfortably

The best way to adjust faster on your new dentures is when you are comfortable wearing it. In fact, it’s so comfortable that you forget you are even wearing them. The moment you get your new denture, test it out and see if it fits well and is comfortable to wear. Request for adjustment if you feel like it could slip out easily or when you feel pain when eating or biting. 

  • Do cheek exercises

Your cheek muscles play an important role with you getting used to your dentures. The muscles in your cheek assist you in chewing your food when eating so it is important to exercise it so you will have more control when you are eating. Spend some time during the day singing your favorite songs. Singing is a great way to practice your speech while wearing your dentures. 

  • Follow your dentist’s advice

We don’t heal in the same way. Some will heal faster after the extraction while some will take longer time to heal. Always follow your doctor’s advice in order for you to get used to your dentures the right way. 

You may be tempted to remove your dentures to get rid of discomfort but don’t do it. It is recommended to take them out every four hours on a short period but remember to put them back after. The best way to get used to your dentures is to wear them all the time. Be patient – in time, you will eventually feel comfortable with your dentures as if it’s your original teeth.