4 Tips for Living with Dentures

4 Tips for living with dentures
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Some people have healthy teeth while others may experience tooth loss even at an early age. However, you don’t have to remain toothless for the rest of your life because you can wear dentures. Whether you lose your teeth because of gum disease or tooth decay, wearing dentures is the perfect solution for you. You can still smile without the need to be conscious over a missing tooth. 

However, you need to know that because dentures are not natural teeth, there are things you should do to be comfortable while wearing them daily. Here are 4 tips for living with dentures that you should know:

  • Brush your dentures daily

Like regular teeth, they need to be brushed and cleaned daily. They may be artificial but they can still accumulate tartar and bacteria.  Not only your dentures, but you should also still maintain the health of your gums, tongue and even your palate by brushing them with a soft-bristled toothbrush. It will promote proper circulation in your mouth which can avoid bad breath too. 

  • Cut your food into small pieces

Wearing dentures doesn’t allow you to eat certain food just because they are harder to chew. Experts suggest that you should cut food into smaller pieces for easier chewing.  Aside from that, chewing your food using your dentures will help you get used to it faster. You may notice that they tilt outward while chewing; this can be resolved by using both of your inner cheeks to balance your food while chewing it. 

  • Avoid sticky and hard foods

Sticky food is a no-no when you have dentures, especially if you are still not used to wearing it. They can get trapped on your dentures and teeth which can cause tooth decay and discoloration. Sticky and hard food can also loosen or dislodge your denture so try to avoid these types of foods as much as possible.

  • Visit your dentist regularly

A regular dental checkup is necessary for people with dentures so your dentist can check the quality and fit of your dentures as well as the condition of your gums. Dentures that don’t fit properly on you could hurt your gums and may cause serious dental problems. 

Do not try to adjust your dentures on your own as it might break your dentures. Seek the attention of your dentist and let them bring back the tip-top shape of your dentures. 

Initially, your life with dentures may be full of discomfort and awkward smiles. However, as you get used to it, you will no longer feel like you are just using false teeth. With dentures, you can go out in public and be confident with your smile – just make sure you take good care of them!